Salt Spring Solutions

Salt Spring Solutions is dedicated to fostering a just, resilient, and sustainable community through inclusive dialogue and collaborative problem-solving. As convenors, we engage diverse stakeholders to address local challenges, from housing issues to community development. Join us in using your voice and actions to create equitable solutions and make a real difference on Salt Spring Island.

Sustainable Buildings Canada

ur survival depends on taking aggressive steps to fight climate change. At Sustainable Buildings Canada (SBC) we believe it’s imperative that we design, build and operate better buildings.

For 20 years we’ve been a leader in the ‘next level’ of sustainability — helping developers / builders / operators achieve high performance outcomes in the built environment, encompassing a range of positive results including healthy spaces, lower energy and water use, clean and renewable energy and positive behavioural outcomes.

The Foundation for Education

Enriched learning experiences that students may not otherwise get as part of traditional curriculum.
The Foundation for Education was established in 1989 as a charitable organization dedicated to raising, securing, and administering funds. Its mission is to enhance students’ education by providing enriched learning experiences beyond the traditional curriculum. By fostering partnerships with businesses, community agencies, and educational institutions, the Foundation initiates projects and events that amplify students’ potential and enrich their lives.