A Decade of Innovation

Miniature massive

Miniature Massive realize dreams with innovation, amplifying voices and crafting transformative experiences across Toronto and beyond for a decade.

Star Fundamentals

Star Fundamentals offers dynamic intensive baseball camps and skills development designed by ex-professional baseball player Justin Adam in partnership with TAC Sports. The mission is to cultivate a passion for baseball, teaching essential skills to build confidence, develop good habits, and instil lifelong values. Grow into a better baseball player, and ultimately better person.

Artisan Farms

Artisan Farms, with its rich heritage in regenerative farming, focuses on sustainable practices and clean, additive-free food. We emphasized their commitment to animal welfare and natural farming, helping them connect more deeply with their audience. Our collaboration showcased the values and quality that set Artisan Farms apart, reinforcing their leadership in sustainable agriculture and their mission to provide healthy, trustworthy products.


Mixed Reality Edutainment with a Social Purpose. Experience traditional pencil drawings brought to life with augmented reality. Unlike other STEM maker-kits, Lit Kits innovate uniquely.

Gary Silverberg

Gary Silverberg, an artist and real estate developer, transforms communities with a focus on enhancing quality of life. With over 40 years of experience across commercial and retail sectors, Gary integrates artistry into urban development. His renowned Art Condos in Toronto’s West Queen West district exemplify this philosophy, blending aesthetic appeal with functionality and community engagement. From innovative live/work spaces to reimagining retail experiences, Gary’s projects prioritize human interaction and connectivity, shaping environments where technology and lifestyle converge seamlessly.

Walter the Materializer

A beloved magician, creator of countless cinematic wonders adored by billions, confronts real-world adversaries determined to shatter his enchantments. Experience the intrigue and suspense in the trailer now.

Alisha Kaplan

alisha kaplan

Alisha Kaplan, a poet, educator, and advocate of narrative medicine based in Toronto and Bela Farm. Her work intertwines the arts with healthcare to enrich medicine with compassion and humanity. Alisha is celebrated for her poetry collection, “Qorbanot: Offerings,” which won the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award. Explore her ongoing projects, writings, and upcoming events, including readings and collaborations across Canada and beyond.

The Green Room

The Green Room at 40 Ontario Street, Stratford, a beloved local gem offering a curated selection of treasures. Originally a music store, it has evolved into a destination for unique finds—from brand-name boots and sassy greeting cards to vintage prom dresses and speakeasy attire. Explore handbags, books, hats, and more. Immerse yourself in nostalgia and discover rare gems that make perfect gifts. Follow us on social media for the latest updates and visit us today until 6 PM.

GWLRA – Life Up Here

“Life Up Here” resident portal for GWLRA Realty Advisors—a go-to for resident news and updates. Residents’ Corner Q&A, DIY home fix videos, and Resident Portal guides. Stay updated with articles on local events, hidden gems, the Paris 2024 Olympics, music festivals, zero-waste menus, and National Indigenous History Month. Contact us with any questions. Experience exceptional apartment living with GWLRA Realty Advisors.

H+ME Technology

H+ME Technology, revolutionizing homebuilding with precision and harmony. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility ensures stringent specifications and modern solutions adapted from German and Swedish technology. Experience energy-efficient and environmentally responsible homes designed for the future. Learn about our innovative approach to construction and the benefits of owning a H+ME Technology home. Contact us today to explore how we’re building better homes, by design.