A Decade of Innovation

Miniature massive

Miniature Massive realize dreams with innovation, amplifying voices and crafting transformative experiences across Toronto and beyond for a decade.

Star Fundamentals

Star Fundamentals offers dynamic intensive baseball camps and skills development designed by ex-professional baseball player Justin Adam in partnership with TAC Sports. The mission is to cultivate a passion for baseball, teaching essential skills to build confidence, develop good habits, and instil lifelong values. Grow into a better baseball player, and ultimately better person.

Artisan Farms

Artisan Farms, with its rich heritage in regenerative farming, focuses on sustainable practices and clean, additive-free food. We emphasized their commitment to animal welfare and natural farming, helping them connect more deeply with their audience. Our collaboration showcased the values and quality that set Artisan Farms apart, reinforcing their leadership in sustainable agriculture and their mission to provide healthy, trustworthy products.

Olen Skincare

Olen Skin Care, founded by Majda Ficko, offers all-natural, high-quality skin care products inspired by the needs of her severely disabled child. The multi-award-winning Baby Butz cream heals a variety of skin conditions, loved by both babies and adults. Olen Skin Care is expanding globally, providing trusted solutions for the whole family. Enjoy free shipping on orders over $39 and experience the effectiveness of Olen’s products.

Edison’s Inn

Edison's Re-invention by Madison van Rijn for Miniature massive inc.

FOR SALE đź’ˇ Inventor Thomas Edison’s Former Residence – 46/48 Ontario St., Stratford, Ont. Discover Edison’s – a fully renovated historic property on downtown Stratford’s main street. This 2,700 sq ft building features Edison’s Cafe Bar, cozy hotel rooms, and modern amenities like ductless split air conditioners and radiant heating. With stable commercial leases and potential for residential expansion, it presents a unique investment opportunity in a prime location. Explore its historic charm and income potential today.

Relevant Range

Relevant Range offers trusted accounting and business services tailored for small to medium-sized firms and not-for-profit organizations. Specializing in streamlining accounting, payroll, and tax compliance, they serve as strategic partners dedicated to easing operational burdens and enhancing competitive advantages. Clients benefit from reduced compliance costs, faster financial reporting, and improved resource allocation, ensuring measurable daily benefits. Contact Relevant Range to streamline your financial management and achieve sustainable growth.

Evoke Promotional

Evoke Marketing Inc. specializes in making ordering items with your logo easy and impactful. Whether for outfitting an entire organization or creating trade show giveaways, they offer on-brand, high-quality products within budget. They emphasize personalized service, ensuring client satisfaction from company apparel to promotional gifts. Testimonials praise their innovative ideas and top-quality promotional products, highlighting their commitment to enhancing sales and marketing efforts for businesses of all sizes.

FGC Health

This FGC Health portal serves as a human resources tool aimed at fostering innovation within the healthcare sector. It highlights the company’s mission to make a difference in the healthcare ecosystem through innovative technologies and capabilities. FGC Health challenges traditional business practices and seeks to merge with or acquire healthcare organizations for synergistic growth. The site offers career opportunities with competitive wages, benefits, and career advancement prospects, emphasizing a supportive and professional environment conducive to personal and professional growth.


Mixed Reality Edutainment with a Social Purpose. Experience traditional pencil drawings brought to life with augmented reality. Unlike other STEM maker-kits, Lit Kits innovate uniquely.

Le Livmore

Le Livmore Phase II Construction. This website is dedicated to keeping residents updated on the construction of the new 46-story tower over the existing podium at our Le Livmore property. We aim to minimize disruptions and provide clear communication about potential impacts.